SHEETROCK® Taping & Jointing


USG SHEETROCK© Brand All-Purpose Joint Compound

Available in four versions, all-purpose joint compounds are smooth working and easy to sand.

USG SHEETROCK® Brand All Purpose Ready Mixed Joint Compound is used for embedding joint tape, finishing gypsum panel joints and for hand-applied simple texturing. It combines single-package convenience with good taping and topping performance. Also recommended for skim coating gypsum panel surfaces, laminating and repairing cracks in interior plaster and masonry not subject to moisture.

SHEETROCK® Brand All Purpose Ready Mixed Joint Compound features excellent slip, good crack resistance, and low shrinkage for ease in joint finishing. Excellent bonding properties are retained even under humid job conditions.

USG SHEETROCK© Brand Plus 3® Lightweight All Purpose Joint Compound

This all-purpose compound weighs up to 30% less than conventional-weight compounds so handling and applying are simpler, easier and faster.

During the course of a working day, a drywall finisher can lift, carry and apply a total weight of over 400 kgs of joint compound. The advanced USG SHEETROCK® Brand PLUS 3® Lightweight All-Purpose Ready-Mixed Joint Compound, weighs up to 35% less than conventional compounds. Handling, applying and sanding are easier and faster so jobs can be finished more quickly for increased productivity and lower in-place costs.

USG SHEETROCK® Brand PLUS 3® Lightweight All-Purpose Ready-Mixed Joint Compound offers all of the benefits of a conventional-weight all purpose joint compound, plus three key advantages: up to 35% less weight; less shrinkage and exceptional ease of sanding.

USG SHEETROCK© Brand Easy Sand™ Lightweight Setting-Type Joint Compounds

These compounds are ideal for heavy fills and they sand easily, allowing fast, smooth finishing.

USG SHEETROCK® Brand EASY SAND™ Lightweight Setting-Type Joint Compounds are chemically-setting powder compounds for drywall interiors and exteriors that permit same-day joint finishing and, usually, next-day decoration. Compounds are lightweight for easy handling and sand easily for fast, smooth finishing. They are ideal for heavy fills and are virtually unaffected by humidity. They provide low shrinkage and superior bond. In addition, they can be used for filling, smoothing and finishing interior concrete ceilings and above-grade concrete.

USG SHEETROCK© Brand Tuff-Hide™ Primer-Surfacer

This special primer applies quickly and evenly with professional airless spray equipment and delivers a bright, smooth Level-5 finish.

USG SHEETROCK® Brand Tuff-Hide™ Primer-Surfacer minimizes joint banding and photographing and generally does not require sanding. Its vinyl-acrylic, latex-based coating provides a durable, high-end look that can be painted after drying overnight or left unpainted in ceiling applications for a flat, white finish.

USG SHEETROCK© Brand Paper Joint Tapes

Tape with high tensile strength delivers strong, reliable wall joints that resist cracking, stretching, wrinkling and tearing under tools.

USG SHEETROCK® Brand Joint Tapes add strength and crack resistance for smooth concealment in reinforcing joints and corners in gypsum drywall and veneer plaster finish interiors. Two products are available for specialized uses: paper tape for treatment with joint compounds and glass-fiber tape for veneer plaster finishes.

Apply with USG joint compounds for joints as strong as the gypsum board itself. Use the complete SHEETROCK® Brand interior finishing product line together for beautiful, durable walls with long-lasting performance

USG SHEETROCK© Brand Flexible Metal Tape-On Corners

Provides straight, strong corners on any inside or outside angle resisting edge cracking and chipping.

USG SHEETROCK® Brand Flexible Metal Tape-On Corner installs fast and easy and is ideal for use in a variety of drywall applications including vaulted ceilings, coffered ceilings and bay windows. It lets you create corners to any angle, even on irregular shaped structures like cathedral or drop ceilings or bay windows, and in a variety of other applications.

USG SHEETROCK© Brand Paper-Faced Metal Corner Bead

The paper-faced bead adheres easily to joint compounds, textures and paints, ensuring a strong, smooth finish.

USG SHEETROCK® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Corner Beads encompass a variety of corner profile options necessary to complete superior quality drywall installation. USG SHEETROCK® Brand Paper Faced Metal Corner Bead products are easy to install and provide long-lasting performance. Use with USG SHEETROCK® joint compounds for smooth, finished corners.

USG SHEETROCK® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Beads are manufactured with a strong paper tape factory laminated to rust-resistant steel for superior product performance. The steel provides durable corner reinforcement while the paper tape covering ensures excellent adhesion of joint compounds, textures and paints for a strong, smooth finish. With superior resistance to edge cracking and chipping, USG SHEETROCK® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Beads create corners that stay beautiful despite the stresses of normal building movement and everyday wear and tear. The unique nose coating on the paper tape covering resists scuffing and fuzzing from knives and sanding. Nailing is not required, so installation and corner alignment are easier, and there are no nails to pop when wood framing shrinks.

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