Aquapanel Cement Board System


A complete system

  • Irish Agrement Board (IAB) Certified with a 60 year Design Life
  • Homebond and DOE approved
  • Comprehensive after-sales service and support
  • A proven complete system from a single source
Complete exterior wall construction and finishing
  • Water resistant – no swelling or loss of stability
  • Resistant to moisture and weathering
  • Freeze – thaw cycle proven
  • Stable and durable Portland cement construction
  • Can be curved
  • Impact resistant
  • Safe and hygienic material
  • Non-combustible
Productivity benefits
  • No need for time-consuming processing methods and special tools
  • Unique score and snap for faster, easier installation
  • EasyEdge™ – the particulary shockproof edge
  • Drylining technology means drying times are reduced

Kerry Innovation Center

Year: 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Red Cow Hotel

Year: 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Lawlor’s Hotel

Year: 2019

Location: Naas, Ireland