Aquapanel Cement Board System


Aquapanel Cement Board

A board with Portland cement and aggregate core, coated with glass fibre mesh embedded in back and front surfaces.

Size: 2400x900x12.5mm (2.16 m2).

Aquapanel Screws

Stainless Steel Screws have been specially developed for fixing AQUAPANEL Cement Board Outdoor on to metal and timber.

Size: 250 pcs/box (11 m2).

Aquapanel Joint Tape

Exterior Joint Tape has an alkali-resistant coating. It is applied to the joints and embedded in Joint Filler Grey.

Size: 100mm x 50m (25 m2).

Aquapanel Joint Filler

Aquapanel Joint Filler Grey is a cement-bound filling material for setting Aquapanel Exterior Joint Tape.

Size: 20 kg bag (30 m2).

Aquapanel Mesh

Aquapanel Exterior Reinforcing Mesh is a glass fibre mesh designed to reinforce the basecoat in exterior finish systems.

Size: 1×50 m roll (45 m2).

Aquapanel Basecoat

Aquapanel Exterior Basecoat is a polymer modified mortar. It is used for basecoating over Aquapanel Cement Board.

Size: 25kg bag (4 m2).

Aquapanel Primer

Aquapanel Exterior Primer is a ready to use primer for use over basecoated substrates under exterior finishes.

Size: 15kg pail (80 m2).

Aquapanel Acrylic Render

Aquapanel Dispersion Acrylic Render for modern finish. 2mm grain.

Size: 25kg bucket (8 m2).

Aquapanel Silicone Render

Aquapanel Silicone Render for high quality modern finish. 2mm grain.

Size: 25kg bucket (8 m2).

Aquapanel Mineral Render

Aquapanel Mineral Render for A1 fire rated finish. 2mm grain.

Size: 30kg bag (10 m2).


A comprehensive range of accessories including: corner beads, drip beads, protection beads, flashing beads and many more.

Kerry Innovation Center

Year: 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland

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Year: 2018

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Year: 2019

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