PANEL REY® Taping & Jointing


PANEL REY© Standard Plus Joint Compound

To adhere joint tape, to repair holes, cracks, to cover edges and corners beads and also for texturing.

This multi-purpose compound has been specially designed for professional installers who require an easier, practical application and with an excellent surface finish. 

This product has been reformulated to provide optimal performance in critical features such as ease of refinement, reduction of sanding time, as well as adequate drying time for the new needs of modern construction, which demand fast and high quality work.

PANEL REY© Ultima Light Joint Compound

Multipurpose compound for treating fasteners and finishing joints and corners. 20% lighter than traditional compounds.

It leaves a smooth surface, which is ideal for applying coats of paint or achieving the desired finish.

It has been produced to prevent cracks and reduce the percentage of shrinkage which naturally occurs when the compound dries and loses water due to evaporation. 

Features an excellent adhesion to substrate and its new green formula has a VOC content lower than 1 g/l.

PANEL REY© Easy Set Compounds

Light compound with an ideal controlled setting time for a variety of interior and outside applications; this product allows for immediate decoration.

This light compound has a controlled setting time, ideal for a variety of interior and exterior applications (areas protected from direct exposure to the environment, such as garages, porches, kiosks, etc.), based on the working time and the chosen setting time, which permits joints to be finished quickly and for immediate decoration. 

This product is created for tape embedding, filling cracks and giving a final finish to interior gypsum boards applications, including metal corner beads and drywall trims.

PANEL REY© Paper Joint Tape

To be used in the treatment, reinforcement and finishing of gypsum panel joints and corners.

Product manufactured with high quality paper fibres to provide the greatest resistance. Sanded on both sides to increase its adhesion to the substrate. It has a central marking for easier folding, and is the only one with microperforations so that the paper is better bonded with the compounds.

PANEL REY© Metal Paper Faced Corner Tape

The metal paper corner tape is ideal to protect the corners formed by the union of 2 gypsum boards at interior work.

The metal paper corner tape is ideal to protect the corners formed by the union of 2 gypsum boards at interior work, creating finishes of an excellent quality quickly and easily, without requiring any fixing element such as screws or nails.

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