COVID-19 Protection Products

In an effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the workplace, we can provide protective masks. These masks have proven highly effective in limiting the spread of the virus in China. The advice is that it is imperative that everyone wears masks. As such, we are prepared to make these masks available to you. Please note these masks are fully CE Certified and are based on advice and guidance from the medical professionals here and from experience in China.


2 types of protective respiratory masks are available

Standard Mask

This mask offers protection against the Coronavirus but only in situations where everybody wears the mask. This mask is recommended for offices, work places & shopping centres – anywhere, where there are large numbers of people together. The important thing is that everybody has to wear the mask for it to be effective. These are disposable masks and are good for 10 hours protection.

KN95 Mask

This mask offers a higher level of protection and will give protection to the wearer in situations where the wearer is exposed to the virus from people who do not wear masks. If you are in a situation where you may be exposed by other people who are not protected by masks this will give you individual protection against the virus. This is also a disposable mask and will give up to 10 hours protection.

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