CEM-ROCK™ eXtreme

Product Description

Cem-Rock® eXtreme was developed from the widespread need for a board with racking, pull through and pull out strength. It shares very similar characteristics to Cem-Rock®, but has been formulated to improve on the aforementioned properties.

  • Load bearing & non-load bearing walls
  • New-build & retrofit ceilings and floors
  • Timber frame & SIP panels
  • Pods & modular builds
  • Hospitals, prisons & high traffic locations prone to abuse
  • Carrier board for external brick and block
  • Carrier board for external insulation and render systems
  • Stove surrounds

Board with racking, pull through and pull out strength

Suitable for a variety of applications

External Applications

Cladding Substrate Board

Refurbishment of old elevations
Render Receiver Board Acrylic and Sand & Cement finish
Soffits and Ceilings
Steel Frame
Timber Frame


A1 Fire resistant
Unlike plywood, OSB or drywall boards. It can easily achieve up to 2 hour fire ratings
Moisture resistant

Impervious to water
Dimensionally stable when wet
Structurally stable when wet

Weather resistant
Freeze/Thaw 100 cycles – PASS Soak/Dry 50 cycles – PASS Heat/Rain 50 cycles – PASS
Impact resistant
Hard and durable
Easy to cut with utility knife
Score and snap for easy cutting
Easy to handle (light weight)
Only 30kg per board

Technical Specs


Kerry Innovation Center

Year: 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Red Cow Hotel

Year: 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Lawlor’s Hotel

Year: 2019

Location: Naas, Ireland