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  • November 2016 - Greenspan are happy to be working with Alpha Consulting headquarters at 10121 Thompson Avenue, Yukon, Ok. USA (+1-775-842-3163). Taiwan Office RM 2, F...
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  • June 2016 - Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ enter into a joint-venture agreement with Glorious Sup-R-Wall Homes in Harare, Zimbabwe to set-up a manufacturing facility to m...
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  • June 2016 - Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ signed an agreement with Suma Jkt Sgp Tanzania Ltd. for the set-up of a factory to manufacture Sup-R-Wall panels in Dar Es Sale...
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Greenspan has offices in Ireland and United Kingdom. This is a company at the forefront of modern building technology using highly innovative specialist products to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions for the construction industry. Since it was established, it has achieved considerable success in the industry and has forged strong relationships with multinational companies such as USG (United States Gypsum), Knauf (Germany), Teais (Spain) and Brillux (Germany). All of these companies are widely acknowledged as being at the cutting edge of modern building concepts and systems.

If you have a question regarding any of our products you can contact us through our contact form.