Sempatap Thermal

Energy Efficiency

SEMPATAP THERMAL is approved as an Energy Saving Product by the Energy Saving Trust and is an EST “Recommended” product for the insulation of solid wall homes. It has been tested by the National Physical Laboratory and figures produced by the Building Research Establishment show considerable carbon saving. It will reduce the ‘u’ value by nearly 30%. In fact on a three bedroom semi detached house the annual carbon savings are 798kg, 119kg higher than cavity fill.


  • Easy & Quick To Install
  • Immediate Warmth And Comfort
  • Lower Fuel Bills
  • Approved For Funding
  • Est ‘recommended’ Product
  • Economical To Use
The energy savings using SEMPATAP THERMAL are dramatic providing warmer living conditions within the home, helping to lower heating bills and reducing heat loss through cold walls. SEMPATAP THERMAL can be used to insulate cold walls and can also be applied to ceilings, it can be installed in any type of solid wall home including solid brick, solid stone, concrete and homes with mansard roofs, dormer ceilings and park homes.
As SEMPATAP THERMAL is only 10mm thick it does not dramatically reduce the room size, it is particularly useful on gable end walls with staircases where the width is critical. The flexible nature of SEMPATAP THERMAL when it is being applied allows it to follow contours reflecting the nature and character of some older dwellings. However, it will also provide a new sound “blank canvas” for decorating on the internal wall areas of more standard solid wall properties.
SEMPATAP THERMAL has been the subject of five E.S.T. Innovation Programmes, which independently demonstrate the product’s effectiveness as solid wall insulation. SEMPATAP THERMAL solid wall insulation was winner of the Gold Award in the 2009 Green Apple Awards for the Built Environment and Architectural Heritage, was runner up in the 2008 National Energy Efficiency Awards and received a Certificate of Merit from the National Home Improvement Council SEMPATAP THERMAL is the easy to use, economical solution for reducing heat loss and lowering CO2 emissions in solid wall homes. It makes the property more energy efficient and immediately provides a warmer and more comfortable environment whilst helping to protect against climate change.

Kerry Innovation Center

Year: 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Red Cow Hotel

Year: 2018

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Lawlor’s Hotel

Year: 2019

Location: Naas, Ireland