Where can
        Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ system be used?



Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™  prefabricated fibrecement formwork is suitable for all types of construction. So whether you are building small socialized housing or rising commercial structures or apartment buildings,   Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ is probably the fastest, cleanest and most effective concrete walling system on the market.
Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ is ideal for hot climates due to zero rendering needed and also for cold climate due to fast insulation application. 




Our  Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ is extremely fire resistant and well suited to applications where fire is a risk. Tests have shown that in addition to prolonged fire protection, the application of intense heat, such as a high energy flame held close to the surface, does not cause the concrete to spall or explode as is the case with normal dense weight concrete. For example foam concrete used in special fire safe vault. Tests show that our Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ with 150 mm concrete can protect from fire for up to 4 hours. 

Where is
        Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ building system approved?

Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ is approved and complies with:
  • British Building Code
  • American Building Code
  • Australian Building Code
  • UAE Building Code
  • ICC Building Code