Traditional Blockwork 

Setting the walls is labour intensive.
It requires highly skilled manpower to achieve good quality finish.
Longer construction time.
Weather dependant.


Steel Formworks 

Large capital outlay needed.
They are heavy, require cranes, large amount of scaffold and man power to install.
It is difficult to install rebars.
Steel formwork has to be removed by crane due to weight. 
Architectural flexibility is limited when using steel formewoks.


Precast concrete

Very heavy members
Very small margin for error 
Connections may be difficult
Somewhat limited building design flexibility
Needs heavy lifting equipment on site.


Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ System

Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ is a prefabricated fibrecement board formwork system.
It is light, simple and easy to install, even manually (no crane needed).
Wall braces are needed only for concrete works.
After concreting walls are ready for jointing and final finish.
There are no reinforcing tie wires needed as spacers are holding rebars in correct position.
Very fast construction time using only semi-skilled labour.
Electrical and plumbing works are completed prior concreting works.