What is 
        Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ building system?


Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ is a unique fibecement lost in place, permanent concrete formwork system. It can be used for almost any kind of concrete construction. It replaces costly and old style steel, aluminium and plywood formworks. With Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ you can produce a load bearing wall with a complete rendered finish.

Because of its flexibility Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ can increase site production by as much as 300%. Panel assembly and construction process requires significantly lower skilled labour to build high quality concrete buildings.


What is 
       Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™ made of


Greenspan Sup-R-Wall™   is manufactured from specially designed plastic spacers made from 100% recycled plastic and fibrecement boards. Spacers and boards are bonded together with special adhesive to form a very strong, self supporting formwork, capable of being filled onsite with wet concrete.


Greenspan System Sales Ireland Ltd. is an authorised global partner with Sterling Forms Construction & Development.