Condensation and Thermal Performance

SEMPAFLOOR can be used on concrete floors, solid floors and is particularly useful where “cold bridging” is the cause of condensation and mould growth. SEMPAFLOOR provides an excellent thermal barrier to prevent transmission of cold and will also reduce heat loss and provide substantial energy saving. It overcomes the problem of foam backed carpets sweating up against concrete floors and the age old complaints of “rising damp” in the middle of the floor.

SEMPAFLOOR can be used on any type of floor and is ideal for use on “flying bedrooms”, rooms over garages or driveways, rooms over external passageways, park home floors and rooms over cellars/basements.



  • Easy And Quick To Install
  • Cost Effective
  • Floors Warmer Immediately
  • Reduces Condensation Problems
  • Excellent Sound Absorption
  • Reduces Heat Loss – Saves Money


Acoustic Insulation

SEMPAFLOOR can be used on all types of floor construction to reduce noise problems. It has excellent acoustic insulation ability and is particularly good for reduction of impact sound.

SEMPAFLOOR has been tested by two independent authorities and the results show a dramatic reduction in the level of noise.


Technical Information

SEMPAFLOOR is made from a natural material, latex, with a non woven polyester surface which provides an ideal finish for the application of all types of floor covering including carpet vinyl, wood panel and tiles. The product is flexible and provides excellent indentation recovery which allows the use of SEMPAFLOOR in the heaviest of traffic areas. SEMPAFLOOR will not deteriorate or crumble and is very hard wearing and resilient to point loading.